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WP Modified Strongman for Trainers


This One Day Seminar will contain both Practical & Theory elements so please turn up ready to train & learn!

MST is simply adapting the traditional strongman implements for the General Population. This has gained more and more popularity over the years and for good reason. Although it’s gaining popularity Tom has been utilising & teaching MST for over 7 years now and has vast experience in this modality.

  • How to Utilise Modified Strongman Training for:
    • Fat Loss
    • Work Capacity/Energy Systems
    • Rehabilitation & Pre-hab
    • Sports Performance Enhancement
    • Muscle Mass
  • Protocol & Workout Favourites
    • Ready made so you can save time
  • Exercise Technique & Functional Anatomy
    • Perfect technique is a necessity to improving clients’ results
    • Understanding what the exercise does exactly and who it should be prescribed to
  • How to Create your own Profit Centre using MST

Date & Time: Course Calendar

Location: Winning Health Solutions, 12 Park Street, Southampton, SO16 4RJ

Investment Options

Seminar Only: £199

Seminar with Follow Up: £249
(Follow up consists of a 30-60 minute consult to ensure you are applying what you have learned correctly and your chance to ask questions surrounding it. It must be redeemed within 1-4 weeks of seminar date.)


To register please Contact Us today!

  • Testimonial – Arram Eghoyan

    Arram Eghoyan: Most guys will think they know enough to get by in strength sports. I, myself had already had success in powerlifting and strongman personally on a national and international level. I also work as an S&C coach training international athletes and teams. But I’m quite happy to admit my levels of knowledge do not cover everything I need to be as good as I want to be…. And I want to be better!

    I’ve worked alongside Tom for a few years now, and continued success is pretty satisfying. The staff down there are knowledgeable, and for every problem in your training you’ll find a solution there. From my own personal experience…. A shoulder problem that would have had me drop out of comp, was fixed in one session. This allowed me to take a WPF world title. Custom made pre workout stack that is better than anything I’d ever tried. This helped me on route to a SCL victory Completely revised supplement protocol due to a deficiency I wouldn’t have discovered by myself, through a WHS link, which took me from being constantly fatigued to enabling me to train as I wish. This also put 10kg on my overhead in a week. It’s worth a go…