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Training & Treatment Camp (Tom Hibbert & Peter Lundgren)

This a 2 Day Camp focused just on Training & Treating you. No Presentation/seminars are included although you will learn about how we get results with ample opportunity for questions!

  • Tom will put you 3-5 x Training Sessions Each Day
    • Different Protocols & their Application
    • Mastering Technique
    • Key Assistance Exercises & Progressions
    • In Session Skills will be used & Explained
  • You will receive Treatment Prior to & During Each Session
    • Soft Tissue & Neural Work
    • Dry Needling & Postural Correction
    • Advanced Recovery Methods Included from Tom’s Biohacking Lab
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    • Frequency Specific Microcurrent
    • Infrared Sauna
    • Red Light Therapy

Tom’s Bio

Peter Lundgren: Peter is a highly sought after Therapist. He is a former Powerlifting and has the most astounding set of skills, knowledge & experience with everyone from Olympic Medallists to General Population. An experience teacher, chiropractor and an expert in Dry Needling. This is the go to guy in the industry & your opportunity to receive treatments and network with him.

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Location: Winning Health Solutions, 12 Park Street, Southampton, SO16 4RJ

Investment Details

Regular: £299

Workout Nutrition included: £399

To register please Contact Us today!

  • 5 Things I Learned on ‘In Session Skills’ (Chris Knott)

    I’m a big fan of Tom’s philosophy of being more than just a “rep counter” as a personal trainer. There’s a distinct difference between giving someone a good workout and assessing them, selecting the right exercises and then assisting them in improving movement patterns through a variety of techniques. These are the qualities of top level strength and conditioning coaches.

    Furthermore, I attended a course very similar to this 3 years ago. Tom’s version is much more precise, effective and immediately applicable. Amazingly, it’s also 10% of the cost I paid to attend the original course. This is a necessity for any coach looking to advance their career and dramatically improve the results they obtain will clients.

    #8Here are 5 things I learned on the Winning Performance “In Session Skills” seminar

    1. Re-setting the CNS prior to a session will increase neural drive and mobility.
    By using a very easily applicable manipulation, range of movement can be dramatically improved. This neural technique will also make acupuncture pressure points more effective later on in the session.

    2. You have to think outside the box.
    When clients complain of tight hamstrings, most trainers will then statically stretch the hamstrings in a prone position. This is treating the symptom and not the causation. It is important to assess the whole kinetic chain and look to identify the problem and not just apply a temporary fix.

    3. Tool Release is an excellent inter-set tool to apply to yourself and clients.
    Muscle adhesions can restrict range of motion, contraction speed and strength. The Soft Tissue tool is a very simple and easy way to quickly release muscle tissue and so therefore enhance performance straight away.

    4. Think Globally.
    All muscles are connected in the body. Problems in the hips may be caused from the foot, problems in the shoulder#2 may be caused from the hips and so on. By assessing movement as a whole and not just locally, you’ll be able to get better understanding and therefore response through treatment.

    5. Everything is connected.
    Similar to the point above, muscles aren’t just connected to other muscles, they’re connected to organs through meridians. An organ being stressed (through nutrition and lifestyle) can lead to a muscle being chronically switched off. This can lead to faulty firing patterns and increase the likelihood of injury. Although certain activation techniques will work, it is important to address nutrient deficiencies.