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Why Lotus Seed Life Works

Back Ground on Lotus Seed Life (LSL)

LSL was created by founder Vikki Faudel alongside a Chiropractor and a Neurologist. It’s a technique used to help people change their attitudes and rewire their brain for success. Today we see more and more people negatively affected & restricted by their own mind. LSL removes these obstacles so you can become your true self. Someone who can control your thoughts & actions and achieve what you set your mind to.

Why I Utilise LSLimages

The key difference of the successful is the Mind Set. It’s been said by many self-help experts like Tony Robbins, Vikki Faudel or Geoff Sober that results are 90% mind set and 10% skill set. I can point to hundreds of cases where I’ve seen someone with an inferior skill set, so to speak, achieve much more than those who would appear, at least on paper, to have better skills.

The top three reasons I see people suffer from an inadequate Mind Set are due to: Blocks, Stress Response & Internal Chatter. These 3 areas are formed from nature & nurture. How you have been brought up, to your interactions with those close to you from as an infant until today.

It’s your interactions that will help to mould your stress response, and this is key. Stress activates and hypertrophies your limbic system. This is the pre-historic area of brain where emotions like fear or love take control of decision making which increases the likelihood of rash decisions. The limbic system actually over-rides the Pre Frontal Cortex.

The Pre Frontal Cortex, though, is the area of the brain we want to be more activated. It directly increases awareness & conscious decision making. The Pre Frontal Cortex is responsible for thoughts & actions according to your goals and it must be at optimal to generate compassion, generosity, joy & peace.

General_HeaderZenA normal stress response would be similar to that of a Zebra. Zebra eats grass –> Zebra gets chased by Lion –> Zebra gets away and then calmly goes back to eating grass! Now, a common human stress response is much different to this. What we all forget though is that what is common is not necessarily normal. We often forget that we can indeed control our emotions and what we think.

Emotions, or Blocks, are simply how you react to situations. Any situation can be put in a different light. As humans, our normal response is now warped. We aren’t able to process things as we never stop to think. Stop to get downtime and switch off. We’re essentially in a catastrophic cycle of negativity & ignoring what our response could be. We’re unable to turn negative into positive and our Internal Chatter supports & reinforces this cycle.

If you also take into account the concept of Neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to organise itself via neuronal connections. Think of them as pathways, where the brain learns & ingrains responses due to Nature or Nurture. We can develop both Positive and Negative neuroplasticity. Negative neuroplasticity is what I see day in day out, whether regarding poor thought patterns all the way through to nutritional habits.

Now you understand the scientific background behind these 3 areas (Stress Response, Blocks, Internal Chatter) that dictate your thoughts & therefore can dictate your actions, let’s explore how to fix the problem.

How LSL Works

There are many elements to an LSL session, which last 30-40 minutes, and each practitioner brings their own skills but here are the main points.

Pre Frontal Rubbing: This activates the Pre-Front Cortex which as you remember is the part of the brain we want to take control. The results comes about by simply rubbing the eyebrows to the top of your forehead. This is done during statements to reinforce the ‘re-wiring’.pS26w3wxGvYJeVGGeMqynyik

Robert Frost’s book on Applied Kinesiology is one resource where this can be further explained.

Water: Breaks are frequently taken during sessions and water is taken on. Every cellular process is enhanced through adequate hydration and specifically this recommendation will minimise brain fatigue and ensure your brain is running at full capacity.

Statements: If you knew just how powerful your words actually are, you’d certainly be more careful. LSL truly brings this to light with the session focusing on statements. Other techniques, such as Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique use only positive statements or affirmations. LSL finds this unrealistic. How often in life can you sweep the negative under the carpet to ensure it doesn’t return?

For instance if you receive a bill and ignore it, you’ll receive an overdue reminder. Ignore that and you’ll receive debt collection notice. Ignore that and you’ll receive a court notice. Ignore that and now your credit rating is marked which affects your financial ability.

Funnily enough this is the same process when you don’t learn the lesson the universe is trying to teach you, but we’ll save this for another time!

Feeling-Positive-after-Bariatric-SurgerySo LSL takes into account negative statements which are completed first. It’s been proven that negativity increases an inflammatory marker called interleukin 6 whilst anxiety & overwhelm reduce Natural Killer cells. This increased inflammation & heightened immune response are negatives for all processes within your body.

Due to this we find that clients don’t feel on top of the world during or immediately after these statements, but the rough must be taken with the smooth and it is instantly reversed with the positive statements. It’s been proven that positivity, love, appreciation or gratitude release opioids which will make you feel better.

This 30-40 minute session has in essence re-wired your brain. You’ve acknowledged and removed negative thoughts patterns and implanted and reinforced positive ones. You’re then given ‘homework’ based around the session for further enhanced results. Why? Taking action is of paramount importance to achieving anything. The small pieces of homework give you a kick start and the LSL will promote longevity with actions and therefore results.

Further Resources

If you are interested in utilising this technique or becoming a Practitioner don’t hesitate to contact me or Vikki directly at the Lotus Seed Life website.