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WP Maximising Overhead & Upper Body Performance


This One Day Seminar will contain both Practical & Theory elements so please turn up ready to train & learn!

  • Assessments
    • Be able to pin point the mobility, flexibility or strength issue
    • Tools you can use on an ongoing basis
  • Technique & Proficiency in all Over head lifts
    • Military Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, SOTS Press, Barbell, Log…everything overhead!
    • Remedial Lifts: Shoulder stabilisers, biceps, triceps, back…lots to cover!
  • Protocol & Workout Favourites
    • How to get the quickest results in the shortest amount of time
  • Functional Anatomy
  • How to Release Tissues & Enhance Performance During the Session
    • Soft Tissue Release & Mobility Enhancements
    • Meridian Release & Muscle Strengthening Techniques
  • Program Design Considerations
    • How to individualise it based on the client, their goals & assessment

Date & Time: Course Calendar

Location: Winning Health Solutions, 12 Park Street, Southampton, SO16 4RJ

Investment Options

Seminar Only: £299

Seminar with Follow Up: £349
(Follow up consists of a 30-60 minute consult to ensure you are applying what you have learned correctly and your chance to ask questions surrounding it. It must be redeemed within 1-4 weeks of seminar date.)


To register please Contact Us today!

  • Testimonial – Arram Eghoyan

    Arram Eghoyan: Most guys will think they know enough to get by in strength sports. I, myself had already had success in powerlifting and strongman personally on a national and international level. I also work as an S&C coach training international athletes and teams. But I’m quite happy to admit my levels of knowledge do not cover everything I need to be as good as I want to be…. And I want to be better!

    I’ve worked alongside Tom for a few years now, and continued success is pretty satisfying. The staff down there are knowledgeable, and for every problem in your training you’ll find a solution there. From my own personal experience…. A shoulder problem that would have had me drop out of comp, was fixed in one session. This allowed me to take a WPF world title. Custom made pre workout stack that is better than anything I’d ever tried. This helped me on route to a SCL victory Completely revised supplement protocol due to a deficiency I wouldn’t have discovered by myself, through a WHS link, which took me from being constantly fatigued to enabling me to train as I wish. This also put 10kg on my overhead in a week. It’s worth a go…