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Strength & Conditioning

These Seminars are for those wanting to learn practical skills & theory for both a Personal Training/Strength Coach setting.

Seminar Options

  • In Session Skills
  • Sprinting & Jumping Performance
  • Isometrics & Eccentrics
  • Achieving Inhuman Strength
  • Body Transformation for the General Population
  • Modified Strongman
  • Fixing the: Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press
  • Program Design

Bridging the Gap

These Seminars are for those wanting to learn practical skills & theory for enhancing clients’ quality of movement.

Seminar Options

  • Shoulder Module
  • Hip, Pelvis & Lower Back Module
  • Wrist & Elbow Module
  • Knee & Ankle Module
  • Spine Module

Key Skills for Personal Trainers

These Seminars are perfect for the Trainer interested in adding key skill sets to minimise Injury & Enhance Performance.

Seminar Options (You must complete appropriate level and achieve competence before advancing)

  • Level 1: Hypervolt
  • Level 2: Fascial Tool
  • Level 3: Manual Tissue Release
  • Level 4: Dry Needling
  • More details behind each one can be found by clicking through & dates can be found on the Course Calendar.
  • Although Each Block is presented in recommended order of attending, there are no pre-requisites on prior attendance
  • If you would like to host a seminar at your facility please enquire via the contact form.
  • All WP Options are non-refundable & only transferable to other WP Products

  • Testimonial – Conor McDonald

    Conor McDonald (CM Fitness, Ireland): Last year I was at a dead-end with my business. I had built a successful personal training business and basically I couldn’t see where I needed to focus my effort to continue that building process. In the end I reverted to the old “speak to someone who has done what you want to do” idea so I decided I would speak with Tom.

    One hour later my mindset had shifted from – there’s nothing more to do to there’s not enough time in the day to get all these things done!

    Our conversation that day was motivational, realistic, practical, statistical and analytical and just what I needed to re focus an re motivate myself. We as a buiness have had our best year to date!

    I wont go into specifics about exactly what we spoke about but I have to say I would advise anybody in the same situation to hire Tom as a business consultant as I have and will continue to do.