Personal Training Education designed to take you to the next level.

Led by Tom Hibbert, Winning Performance delivers personal training education to personal trainers & strength coaches who want to achieve greater results with their clients.

I am a big fan of Tom’s philosophy of being more than just a “rep counter” as a personal trainer.

There’s a distinct difference between giving someone a good workout and assessing them, selecting the right exercises and then assisting them in improving movement patterns through a variety of techniques.

These are the qualities of top level strength and conditioning coaches.

Furthermore, I attended a course very similar to this 3 years ago.

Tom’s version is much more precise, effective and immediately applicable. Amazingly, it’s also 10% of the cost I paid to attend the original course.

This is a necessity for any coach looking to advance their career and dramatically improve the results they obtain will clients.
Chris Knott

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