10 Recommendations to Becoming a Successful Personal Trainer

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1) Rule #1: Don’t be a dick.

2) Learn: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology. We’re not about to evolve so once learned it’s done.

3) Train & look like you train. Love the process of learning technique. Enjoy the simple things like feeling your dontbeadicktechnique improve. Do super accumulation, get strong, get big, get lean…something! Train like It’s your job…because it fucking is! Remember, people like people who are like themselves or who they aspire to be like. Now apply that to being able to train champions…

4) Learn, invest time & money in your education, but do not prioritise over applying. Ensure there is a balance between learning & applying. Get in the damn trenches with yourself & your clients.

5) If you did a 6 week course you are an expert in fucking nothing. Your niche will probably change 10 times over the next 5 years. This is fine. Having a basic knowledge in everything is a good place to start as everything is interlinked anyway.

6) Stop taking on clients that don’t want to train 4+ times a week. You can’t learn if you only train someone twice a week & all likelihood they’re not getting results either.

7) Learn & embrace the basics. If you can’t do a perfect deadlift at double your body weight, stop worrying about isometronics or speed work.

Complicating8) Stop over complicating shit. Your client isn’t impressed with you explaining the Krebs cycle in scientific detail. What they actually want is a simple explanation applied personally to their goals.

9) Embrace your failures & learn from them

10) Learn how to improve your clients’ & your Mind Set. The majority of your clients come to you because they want to be happy. They just wrongly think that a 6 pack or leaner legs is going to make them happy.

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