10 Tips from Gut Health Expert Steve Grant

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10 things I learnt from Steve Grant on Optimising Gut Health (Tom Hibbert)

1) Digestion starts before the meal with the brain

Enzymes and the digestive process indeed starts even before you open your mouth. The need to sit down, switch of mobile phones and the TV and concentrate on eating is highlighted here. Not only will it improve your digestion, but also your relationships with those you eat with!gut-brain

2) Microbiome is like a metropolitan city

Microbiome is a new buzzword currently thrown around a lot and Steve explained it as this: If you think of a city (microbiome) that has terrorists (infections) but also people that fight the terrorists (natural antibiotics and normal bacteria). Antibiotics are like someone just nuking the whole city to rid of the terrorists but in turn destroying a lot of good also. Or another option like a highly trained SAS team to rid the city of the terrorists (skilled practitioner) but leave the good alone.

3) Microbiome is set in a child very early on indeed

The microbiome is influenced before pregnancy and is based on the mother’s health, body composition, diet and lifestyle choices. Then the following 2 years based on what the child consumes is the major factor in influencing the microbiome.

4) Fecal transplant

Steve briefly mentioned a treatment that sounds out there! It is called a fecal transplant and involves the transfer of a stool from a healthy donor into the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of treating C. difficile colitis. Sounds gruesome but is apparently highly effective! Interestingly though transplanting someone else’s microbiome into yours can create changes in your health and body composition, showing the power of the microbiome.

5) 7 days of antibiotics can alter microbiome indefinitely

Antibiotics are designed to kill unhealthy bacteria but they unfortunately can kill everything in their wake. This means your healthy bacteria can be killed off at the same time. Candida is common occurrence post anti-biotic treatment.

6) 1R vs. 4-6R

Doctor’s generally use 1R (Remove), whilst functional medicine practitioner’s use 4-6R (Remove, restore, replace, repopulate, reintroduce, repair). I know which system I would use on my own or my family’s health…

7) Yeast/Candida infections returning and why?

Yeast/Candida can switch food sources, feeding not just from sugar but, also from ketones as well. Thus starving it of sugar can make it potentially harder to remove. Often you see this when Candida reappears as it was simply never removed, just starved and is now more powerful or stronger and returns with a vengeance.

8) HCl challenge test & how to improve digestive capability

This is not such good a test and Steve recommends the Heidelberg capsules test, although access to that is limited. Steve finds Swedish Bitters are ideal to improve digestive capability as an alternative to someone who has symptoms of low HCl and/or digestive enzymes or bile acids.

9) Carrot salad & coconut oil

This simple but effective mix can help bind to endotoxins and pull them out thus improving intestinal repair and Moroccan-Carrot-Salad-3recovery. Give it a try!

10) Go see Steve! Not only is he a top bloke, his knowledge is outstanding

Here’s a link to his site and health quiz to help you determine your current health levels:

Steve Grant Health

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