14 Back Extension Variations

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The Flat Back Extension has been a staple exercise in many strength sports and gyms as an assistance exercise, and for good reason. Whether you are after a healthy back, a stronger back or more complete development I suggest you start adding the below variations into your routine.

There are many key benefits, including but not limited to, like adjusting the strength curve. Think about it where it is difficult during the movement of a deadlift and a back extension…

With a deadlift and hips fully locked out and standing upright, it is very easy to just stand there. The back isn’t really doing much here. Now go on a back extension and get into that same position with hips locked out, torso parallel to the floor. Your back’s firing now I bet?!

This article was more about the different variations. On our WP 2 & WP 3 modules we delve into the finer points on technique, when to use & more. Check out the Course Calendar or contact us if you want to learn more to apply to your training or your clients!

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