2 Week Muscle Mass Blitz Protocol

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Blitz: An intensive or sudden attack; a sudden effort to deal with something; to attack or seriously damage

This is exactly what is going to happen to your body. We are going to disrupt your homeostasis so much there will be no option but to prevail with an increase in muscle mass…and prevail you shall!

I’ve used it on myself and quite a few clients but it’s not for the faint hearted and best done with a training partner or an evil bastard watching over you. If you need to increase muscle mass quickly then it’s very effective.

You’ll be training Monday-Friday for 2 x consecutive weeks, then ideally take 4-5 days off before you return to training.

Sample Program: All reps & sets are 10 x 10, 4010 tempo, 60-90s rest between sets

  • Monday
    • A1) BB Back Squat
    • A2) 80 Degree Incline DB Press
  • Tuesday
    • A1) BB Back Squat
    • A2) Pulldown
  • Wednesday
    • A1) BB Back Squat
    • A2) Flat DB Press
  • Thursday
    • A1) BB Back Squat
    • A2) Scott Bench EZ Bar Curl
  • Friday
    • A1) BB Back Squat
    • A2) Decline Biacromial Press

Key Points

  • The weight for the squat for the initial session should start at 60% of 1RM and then increase 1.5-2.5% each workout and weights should be constant so no reducing or adding weight during the session
  • The first 6 sets should be complete so 10 reps must be achieved. After that you may drop a rep here or there but definitely nothing under 6 reps. (84 reps minimum on the squat each workout)
  • For the upper body movements you can mix it up depending on what you need to prioritise as long as they’re bang for your buck movements
  • Expect to walk like John Wayne/Bambi and have an irrational fear of stairs and getting up from chairs for 2 weeks
  • No you can’t exchange the squat for a leg press (TTFUMF), a safety squat bar would be an acceptable swap

Tips During the Process to Maximise Results

  • Utilise BCAAs + EEAs + Electrolytes with a dark fruit juice as your intra workout drink
  • Take 2 x Post Workout Shakes: one immediately upon finishing the workout & one 30 minutes later. (This is a trick from Mauro DiPasquale)
  • Each Saturday: 150% Calorie Day (This is a trick from Charles Poliquin aka The Strength Sensei)
    • Goal is obviously 150% extra calories, but not using it as excuse to eat foods that will inflame you. A great way is to alternate solid meals with liquid/Protein Shakes.
  • Traumeel Cream on Trained area after every session
  • The goal is to increase muscle mass so eating should be a priority and carbs will be higher than usual. This is not an excuse to eat crap, strive to make the right choices!
  • Meals around (Before & After) workout want to consist of Protein/Meat & rice (any type)/quinoa/potato (any type)

Tips After the Process to Maximise Results (Utilise for to 2-4 weeks)

These options offer a 4 x pronged attacked on helping you recover quickly and increase as much muscle mass as possible. We want to see a super-compensation after your 2 weeks of hell so this should be planned accordingly.

  • Immune System Booster: Glutamine
    • Take 40-80g a day in divided doses
  • Adrenal Recovery: Cortisol Pro
    • Take 1-3 capsules in PM
  • Testosterone Recovery: Cardioauxin
    • Take 1-3 capsules in PM
  • Joint & Soft Tissue Recovery: Chondro Jointade
    • Take 1 Packet in AM & PM


I do believe in patience but I also believe that at least 1-2 x a year an athlete should purposefully ‘over-train’. Not only do I like to see an increase in results but it’s great to see exactly what my client is made of. Are they that special top 1-5%? Poliquin, who learnt this from Pierre Roy, always says train on the verge of tendonitis then back off to recover. Well this will do that and if you think of it, it forces the tendons/ligaments to adapt which again is a great thing long term.

I have a multitude of over-training protocols to choose from but this is a great place to start.

Enjoy the gains!

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