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About Winning Performance

Winning Performance (WP) was founded by Tom Hibbert to provide a platform from which to help educate Trainers/Coaches and Trainees alike.

The goal of WP is to improve the standard of Personal Training & Strength Coaching, by giving you as coaches and trainers tools you can use immediately and effectively with your clients. We can fully qualify a complete beginner in the industry or we can teach you systems that will improve your current business and results.

What makes us different is we have been there and done it! You will be taught by professionals who have already invested countless thousands of their own money over many years, with industry leaders worldwide. You’ll have access to their network and knowledge and be learning in a state of the art facility.

You will learn from someone who has and still does produce results with their clients and themselves. Our video certainly matches our audio unlike other providers. Leading your study will not be someone who couldn’t quite cut it so turned to reading from a syllabus!

If you are thinking of attending a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach course or seminar then you MUST read the below before you waste time and money on courses that don’t give you a return on your investment and set you up for failure…I want to ask you 3 questions. Answer honestly.

  • Do you want to achieve better results for your clients?
  • Do you want to earn more doing this and therefore have more security and less financial worries which will lead you to having more free time to pursue your other passions?
  • Do you want to garner a reputation for results in an industry full of cowboys that don’t produce anything with their clients?

I bet you answered yes to 1 or more of those questions. The industry is full of so much misinformation and as a trainer it can be difficult coming away from a course and knowing exactly what to apply and how to apply it. This is why Tom established Winning Performance Ltd.

You can save yourself time and money by avoiding making the mistakes we made and learning the systems and processes we have developed to ensure you stay at the top of your game.