An in Depth Look: Death Circuits

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This is probably the most effective Protocol there is to achieve Fat Loss and improve Work Capacity!

Credit goes to Charles Poliquin for the name and method. On paper it’s easy. It takes only 21-23 minutes to complete, you only do 12 sets of work with around 120-144 repetitions.

Here’s the protocol:129_2

  • A1) Compound Movement for Quads
  • A2) Compound Movement for Back
  • A3) Compound Movement for Hamstrings
  • A4) Compound Movement for Chest/Shoulders

Every exercise has a rep range of 10-12, a time under tension of 50-60 seconds and a rest period of 60 seconds.

How to Perform

The first key is to utilise compound, bang for your buck, movements. No isolation movements or ‘clever’ functional movements. We want big & heavy. We want Barbell Back Squat not Unilateral Squat whilst on Bosu Ball.

The second key is you must utilise a weight that is a 10-12 repetition maximum. No using a weight that you could do 20 reps with. I want you to have an aneurism within the recommended repetition range. Hard work with a nonsense program will always produce more results than fuck all work with the best program. Hence why you see lean/athletic crossfitters…

Why it works

Compound movements & Maximum effort produce a huge Growth Hormone Output. This is due to a large lactic acid build up and a by product of lactic acid is indeed growth hormone. It may make you feel queasy or nauseous but this is a normal reaction due to the Growth Hormone build up.

The body also has to work very hard shunting blood large distances over the body and removing by products from large muscle groups.

The Original Protocolbarbell-back-squat_0

  • A1) Barbell Back Squat (High Bar, Olympic Depth)
  • A2) Supinated Chin Up (Shoulder Width)
  • A3) Barbell Deadlifts
  • A4) Dips

Bonus Tips from an Experienced Death Circuit-er

If you don’t have someone to change the weights for you, set the weights up so you can strip off anything up to 10% from the bar easily. Like on Back Squats if you’re using 140kg, have a 2 x 25kg’s & 2 x 5kg’s on each side. Means you can slide the 5kg plates it quickly & effortlessly. After each set you’re too busy trying not to vomit &/or cry to do anything else. Make life easy for yourself so you can focus on getting work done.

Protocols I have Adapted

(Death Circuits Stays as the Base layer of these)Dips

  • Drop Dead Circuits
  • Volume Death Circuits
  • Cluster Medley Death Circuits
  • Gironda Death Circuits
  • Modified Strongman Death Circuits
  • Timed Death Circuits
  • Rep City Death Circuits

More Information on these can be found here:

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