WP 2 Athletic Performance Enhancement

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This Two Day Seminar will contain both Practical & Theory elements. It will be highly beneficial for either the Athletic Competitor or their coach.

  • Predictor Lifts: Uncovering the weaknesses & knowing how to fix them
  • Improving from both a Technical & Program Design Standpoint:
    • Maximal Speed
    • Change of Direction
    • Jumping High & Further
    • Punching Harder
    • Throwing Further
  • Lifestyle factors to Enhance Performance: Recovery, Sleep, Nutrition & Supplementation
  • Bullet-Proofing the Athlete
  • Periodisation for both the Short & Long Term
    • Analysing competitions the dates and events
    • How to structure week/phase
    • In & Off Season Focus
    • Peaking
    • Understanding Each Different Strength Quality

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Location: Winning Health Solutions, 12 Park Street, Southampton, SO16 4RJ

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Seminar: £299

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