Citrus Fruit & Salt Drink

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99 times out of 100 this is the first consult action for my clients because it has far reaching implications but is so simple to achieve. I first heard about it from Charles Poliquin in 2008/9 and although there is no need to re-invent the wheel, I’ve added some more specific upgrades!Do-You-Know-These-4-Greatest-Health-Benefits-Of-Citrus-Fruits

So add this to your Daily Rituals & consume this drink on an empty stomach before consuming anything else.


  • Citrus fruit support digestive capability
  • Sodium is needed for adrenal function
  • Citrus fruit are hepato-protective
  • Regulate circadian rhythm
  • Alkalises body

How: ¼ teaspoon salt + glass of waterHimalayan pink salt in a wooden bowl isolated on white background

Citrus Fruit

Squeeze it, don’t opt for bottled options, they’re simply not trustworthy

  • Lime: Highly similar to Lemons but slightly more acidic
  • Lemon: High in Vitamin C, citric acid for digestion
  • Grapefruit: High in Vitamin C, potassium & antioxidants

Table Salt is refined meaning its nutrient status is depleted & even further strips nutrients from the body

  • Himalayan Salt (Pink): Adrenal, sinus, bone support
  • Himalayan Sulfur Rich Black Salt: Enhanced Detox & supports enzyme activity, joint structure, cellular repair due to sulfur content
  • Real Salt (Redmond): Underground salt deposit in Utah from ancient sea bed so less chance of pollutants than sea salt of today
  • Celtic Sea Salt: Opt for grey, cloudy, beige. Alkalises, immune support, brain function
Cranking it up a levelskarmavbild2015-12-08kl.12.44.16
  • D3 + K2 Drops: Ideally get your blood levels for Vitamin D3 tested but I’m yet to find many who pass first time. Good D3 levels are beneficial for many health markers which aids in fat loss, performance & muscle building.
  • Tinctures
  • Water
    • Fiji or Volvic offer high silica content for aluminium detox
    • Avoid tap water due to more pollutants
  • Avoid sensitivity & taste fatigue
  • Take advantage of different nutrients for multiple benefits

So there you have it, an upgrade on a great ritual to help promote further help and aid you in your health & fitness goals!

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