Coffee Rules

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Snapshot of Takeaway Points

  • Coffee should be tailored to the individual
  • Timing is ever so important to ensure quality sleep
  • Tom’s Super Coffee is an eye opener!


The coffee industry is worth an estimated £78 Billion worldwide, which is due to it being the second most sought after commodity in the world. Why is it so popular? The addiction cycle associated with it offers you the most clues.

Caffeine has an effect on dopamine. This is the neurotransmitter associated with reward and motivation. Caffeine also affects adenosine by blocking it. This neurotransmitter is meant to start off low at the beginning of the day and rise at the end to facilitate sleep.

So your coffee helps you feel rewarded, motivated and alert. It is then without wonder many become dependent and addicted to this fuel!

I get asked a lot about whether coffee is good for you and as always, the answer is it depends. It’s the Goldilocks principle: more isn’t always better and it should be tailored to the individual. For some coffee could be improving your health and for others it could be detrimental.

Tom’s Rules


Never after midday due to its effect on adenosine and therefore sleep. If you suffer from adrenal fatigue/problems then only utilise it pre-workout if you train in the morning. Depending on the level of adrenal/stress issues I could recommend removing it completely and then slowly reintroducing it. I still can’t believe it when I go out for dinner and when offered a coffee people say yes! Do you not value your sleep?!

It’s great for pre-workout due to the effects it exhibits on dopamine and therefore drive. In studies it has also been shown to positively affect strength, speed, endurance, reaction times and muscle soreness.

Those that take it post workout should be aware that anything that is good pre-workout to waken you up and activate your sympathetic nervous system, isn’t the desired result post workout! Post workout is all about parasympathetic nervous system support. Coffee is the antithesis of this!


It must be organic. It is one of the most highly sprayed crops so opting for non-organic coffee is going to increase the toxic load of your body. Consuming pesticides, insecticides, mycotoxins and more are linked to poor health and disease. Why would you want to consume something so good for you and then negate all of the health benefits?!

It is a case of you get what you pay for and those that switch to a quality organic option notice the benefits and improvement in taste immediately. An organic option will offer higher amounts of anti-oxidants and you’ll benefit from improved brain health and even longevity.

I would also recommend consuming ones with adrenal support to avoid and prevent the crash associated with caffeine. Four Sigmatic is an incredible brand and offers a variety blends

Four Sigmatic Coffee with Cordyceps: Provides Adrenal Support

Four Sigmatic Coffee with Lion’s Mane: Provides Brain Support

How Often?

Never to wake you up if you feel tired or sluggish, only for enjoyment, and only one a day. My issue is with those that are obviously addicted to its effects. If you need it to wake you up in the morning, or any other time, surely you should be wondering why you’ve got fuck all energy in the first place?! It should not be used a cure for this problem.

If you’re deciding to have it to give you an edge in your processing speed before a meeting then cool. The two situations are different. If you need more than one to get you through the day then again, you have a deeper issue to fix and coffee isn’t the answer!

Tom’s Super Coffee –>

  • Disclaimer: Don’t expect to blink all day if you consume this!
  • Bonus Tip from Dr Peter Lundgren: Add 1 x tsp of Chocolate Greens!

Article written by: Tom Hibbert

Published on: 21/1/2019

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