Winning Performance Courses

Our courses are designed to cater from the novice coach, all the way through to the most advanced.

Winning Performance Level 1

Winning Performance Level 1 is the key foundational set of skills required to train your client effectively.

Lower Body & Assessments

  • Key Assessments to Pinpoint the Weakness
  • How to Correct Technique
  • Key Coaching Cues
  • Exercise Progressions & Regressions
  • Proper Exercise Prescription

Upper Body & Assessments

  • Key Assessments to Pinpoint the Weakness in the Upper Body
  • How to Correct Technique
  • Key Coaching Cues
  • Exercise Progressions & Regressions
  • Proper Exercise Prescription

Winning Performance Level 2

Winning Performance Level 2 is the key set of intermediate skills required to train your client effectively and systematically over a longer period of time towards their specific goals.

At the completion of this level you will:
  • Understand How to Train Effectively
  • Know How & When to Apply Nutritional & Supplement Protocols
  • Enhance Your Reputation as a Great Trainer
  • Increase Your Profitability & Retention

Body Composition

Training Protocols (Come Prepared to Train!)
  • Training for Fat Loss
  • Training for Increased Muscle Mass
Nutritional Protocols
  • Quick & Sustainable Fat Loss
  • Develop Muscle Mass
Supplementation Protocols
  • Recovery & Adrenal Health
  • Detoxification
  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Workout Supplementation

Athletic Performance

Predictor Lifts: Uncovering the weaknesses & knowing how to fix them

Improving from both a Technical & Program Design Standpoint:
  • Maximal Speed
  • Change of Direction
  • Jumping High & Further
  • Punching Harder
  • Throwing Further
Lifestyle factors to Enhance Performance: Recovery, Sleep, Nutrition & Supplementation

Bullet-Proofing the Athlete:
  • Periodisation for both the Short & Long Term
  • Analysing competitions the dates and events
  • How to structure week/phase
  • In & Off Season Focus Peaking
  • Understanding Each Different Strength Quality

Winning Performance Advanced Series

Winning Performance Advanced Series is a set of advanced skills required to optimise the training of advanced trainees who are ready to be exposed and benefit from more complex methods.

In Session Skills

As noted in my article on ‘The Evolution of Personal Training‘, Trainers must become more than rep counters. This is the seminar that will set you apart from the rest! We will cover:
  • Soft Tissue Methodology including Manual Release Techniques, Tool Release Techniques & Joint Position Releases
  • Meridian Methodology
  • Acupressure Techniques
  • Methods to Enhance Neural Drive & therefore Strength
  • Methods to Improve Flexibility in the shortest time possible
  • Applied Kinesiology Concepts
  • Assess-Treat-Assess with quick assessments you can utilise within a session

This will involve many demonstrations & hands on practice. The purpose is not to fix injuries with this but to enhance the results you can achieve with your clientele.

Advanced Program Design

  • How to Utilise Program Design Templates (Included in Investment)
  • Reading & Applying the Assessments

Periodisation Models & Examples for:
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Mass
  • Strength Qualities: Maximal, Relative, Endurance, Speed Strength & more!

Case Studies: Specific Sports, Jumping, Sprinting

Eccentrics & Isometrics

Two of the more advanced but often misunderstood and certainly misapplied training protocols.
This one day seminar will contain both Practical & Theory elements so please turn up ready to train & learn!
  • Periodisation Models & Ready Made Programs
  • Proper Execution & Technique Deficit Identification between Strength Qualities
  • Utilisation for: Injury Recovery, Rapid Strength Increase, Hypertrophy