Different Drop Set Options

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Drop Sets are a fantastic option to further fatigue & extend time under tension of a specific muscle group. They’re great for increasing Muscle Mass/Hypertrophy, Strength Endurance or even Maximal Strength.

Here are some ideas and some of my favourites to help add some variety to your training

Descending SinglesĀ 

Perform 5-10 single reps, starting very near to your 1RM & drop 2-5% for each rep.

X-Rep Drop Sets

Perform 4-8 reps, then on the last rep perform X-Reps, drop the weight 10-20% and repeat.

Nasty Drop Sets

Pick 2 x exercises with different/opposite strength curves, superset them & perform a drop set on both exercises.

Eccentric Japanese Drop Set

Perform 5-10 eccentric only repetitions, then reduce weight and complete as many as possible with desired tempo. Keep reducing weight until 25 total repetitions are completed.

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