An Alternative Way to Warm up Farmers Walk

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I usually see people fail the Farmers Walk, or drop it, for one of two reasons: poor grip or poor stabilisation through the core. Here is how I would recommend warming up for the farmers walk to improve the latter problem.

Set 1: Unilateral Farmers Walk at 30kg

Set 2: Unilateral Farmers Walk at 40kg

Set 3: Uneven Farmers Walk at 40kg & 60kg

Set 4: Uneven Farmers Walk at 60kg & 80kg

Set 5: Normal/Bilateral Farmers Walk at 100kg (First Working Set)

Set 6: Normal/Bilateral Farmers Walk at 120kg

*weights are examples, utilise what is suitable for your strength level

Key Teaching Point: Stay upright. If you are leaning then it’s too heavy.

These are a firm favourite of Stuart McGill who is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the Lowerimg_8727-470x260 Back. The abdominals are anti-rotational, thus training them with flexion can be counter-productive. With 1 x weight on one side, or an increased weight on one side, this forces you to counter this, making it an excellent anti-rotation movement.

So, it’s an alternative way of warming up, and being exposed to a variety of movement patterns is beneficial for strength development. Whilst it’s also highly recommended to help prevent injury and improve performance of many others lifts.

For further questions please contact me, I would love to hear from you!

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