Gut Health Protocol

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Ensuring Clients have adequate gut health is of paramount importance to helping them achieve their health & fitness goals. I’ve encountered many clients who have had poor gut health and were in distress. I opt for the below protocol, whilst removing any obvious gut stressors and run the appropriate Frequency Specific Microcurrent Protocols, for best results.

This protocol can be run for 3-4 weeks straight and then 1-2 x weekly thereafter for maintenance

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The Protocol Explained


I prefer powder instead of capsules/tablets to improve absorption & digestion. Glutamine has a great effect on helping seal the lining of the small intestine & supporting overall gut health.

GI Revive (Designs for Health)

Out of all the gut health/rebuilding formulas out there none of them come close to this. Some have the main ingredients but it’s that attention to detail that makes this one that much better. GI Revive helps drive mucosal repair whilst also reducing inflammation and improving bowel function.

ProAlive Probiotic (Ascended Health)

Not all Probiotics are created equal and indeed different ones do different things. To kick off, this one is safe even after being in heat and the heat can make it more potent. For longevity purpose I store mine in the fridge after opening. This one is very potent and you’ll notice it working right away. I highly recommend you are patient in building up the dosage unless you like explosive situations…! This probiotic contains 20 different strains of friendly bacteria.

Meriva 500 & Meriva SR (Thorne Research)

Like with the probiotics, not all curcumin supplements are created equal. These two offer a high bio-availability and increased absorption rates. Curcumin is great for reducing inflammation but specifically for the gut it supports digestion, colon health, & the stomach lining.

Digestzymes (Designs for Health)

Broad spectrum digestive enzymes are best and I prefer this one due to the DPP IV which is included to help break down that nasty gut irritant gluten. You’re only as good as what you can absorb and assimilate so utilising digestive breakdown support will go a long way to providing your body with more nutrients to stay healthy.

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