Half-Half-Full Biceps Protocol

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Here’s a quick Protocol/Technique to spice up your training a little: Half-Half-Full reps

The idea is to increase Time Under Tension at either a weak part of the movement or the disadvantageous part of the strength curve. Be prepared for a skin splitting pump after completing a set of these!

Here’s Lee Forbister demonstrating this on a 2″ EZ Bar with a Supinated Grip on the Scott Bench Curl. Notice how he performs 2 x Half reps before an Explosive Full Rep. If the bar doesn’t move quickly don’t panic too much as the intent to move the bar quickly is more important in this protocol.

So Lee overloads the bottom part of the curl which will generally be the weakest/hardest part of the lift due to the strength curve. You can indeed change it up and overload either end and it can be applied to many different exercise variations.


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