Incremental OTMR/EMOM

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This Training Protocol is ideal for Fat Loss or Work Capacity Sessions. It can be adapted for any ability level, giving a beginner a nice workout, or push an advanced trainee to failure. It teaches people to go from submaximal to maximal efforts, which is key for fat loss or improving performance.

  • OTMR = On The Minute Reps
  • EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

The traditional OTMR was to complete a set amount of reps, on the minute, every minute for a set time. This protocol I want you to add weight to the bar or reps to the movement on the minute, every minute.

For Example: Log Clean Adding Reps

  • Set 1: 1 rep
  • Set 2: 2 reps
  • Set 3: 3 reps etc

Or: Prowler Sprint Adding Weight

  • Set 1: 0kg
  • Set 2: 5kg
  • Set 3: 10kg etc

What I generally like to see if 6-10 sets completed. Less than 6 it was Crossfit-exhaustion-June-1probably too difficult, more than 10 and it was too easy. So with 6-10 minutes of work, then 90 seconds rest, you could aim to complete 4-6 rounds.

I like this protocol because it teaches the client to move from submaximal to maximal efforts of work. They’ll have to dig deep and focus on recovering in the diminishing time available. This means no talking or making friends! Then once they’ve finished a series, they’ll re-start with submaximal work on a new exercise, therefore only requiring a short rest.

Don’t feel you need to limit it to 1 x exercise. Up to 3, set up within close proximity of each other can be utilised. My preference for movements is Modified Strongman Exercises due to their eccentric-less nature and dynamic nature, but general movements can also be thrown in. I also prefer sensible programming and not just random movements thrown together. Pay attention to the basic Principles.

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