Kneeling Jump Progressions

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Snapshot of Takeaway Points

  • Always progress your training
  • Don’t go straight for hardest exercise
  • Don’t use the bar on back variation

Why Use Kneeling Jumps?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a plethora of training equipment so the kneeling jump offers a solution to this. Although I have included a box and hurdles, you could simply skip this step should you not have access to them.

It requires great explosivity but also minimises eccentric loading. Many plyometric movements have a high force amortisation phase, and quite rightly. What I see too often though, and in essence the reason for the article, is people don’t progress into these higher impact options. They go straight for the sexy instead of being sensible. Easier to get away with if you’re a young whipper snapper. If you’re older and de-conditioned then it’ll catch up with you.

I haven’t included the variation with the barbell on the back on purpose. I think this variation is moronic as it doesn’t offer an option to bail out on the movement if necessary, thus increasing the likelihood of a viral gym fail video and possible injury. I prefer to progress clients through more neurologically challenging movements. A back squat jump by itself would offer a better option to the kneeling jump with barbell on back.

First Variable for Progression

Kneeling Jump with Countermovement

Kneeling Jump without Countermovement

Second Variable for Progression

Shoulder Width Landing

Wide Stance Landing

7 Exercises in Order of Progression

Land to Mats

To Feet then To Box

To Feet then To Vertical

To Feet then To Broad

To Feet then To Hurdle

To Barbell Clean

To Barbell Snatch


I have a systemised progression, and therefore regression, for every body part. Whether it be the lower trap or plyometrics, it is important to understand what exercise does exactly what and when it should be implemented.

WP 1 Modules offer the implementation of this skill set.

Article written by: Tom Hibbert

Published on: 14/1/2019

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