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Some would say that thus far I’ve had a pretty good career as a personal trainer. I have been in the industry and have successfully trained clients from all walks of life for over 15 years and have amassed a vast level of knowledge and experience together with countless qualifications including a Sports Science Degree, PICP, Bio Signature, UKSCA, ABAE etc. In addition, like most personal trainers I have achieved my own level of personal sporting success with national representation in both boxing and rugby, but this isn’t about me.

However, having been in the game for such a long time has allowed me to experience all different sides of the industry both good and bad in addition to being fortunate enough to have undertaken training courses, programs, internships and seminars with a vast variety of individuals and companies in order to improve my own knowledge. Doing this has allowed testimonial-1me to constantly improve both the quality of service and results I can achieve with my clients. Something I take VERY seriously and a lot of pride in. One thing you start to learn over that length of time is not only who’s knowledge is worth listing too, but more importantly who’s is worth trusting and therefore applying to your own business. Without a shadow of a doubt Tom Hibbert and his team at Winning Health Solutions are up there at the TOP of my list, which is why I keep going back to him.

I have just returned from what was my 5th visit to his fantastic site in Southampton, which in itself has more toys for serious clients and trainers alike to play with than most commercial gyms 5 times its size. Tom and his team indeed specialise in Strongman Training so if you want to learn how to get super strong and throw serious weight around whilst still being structurally balanced and lean then this is the place for you. The equipment and space they have allows you to practically try and test all of the theory which Tom and his team will teach you on the huge variety of subject matter they can cover using a range of different learning structures. I have spent time there on his 2 day individual internship program, his 1 and 2 day group seminar courses, 1 day internship courses and also undertaken his online personal training programming.  

Over the last 4 years, through these different learning platforms, I have been able to gain a huge amount of useable information which I have been able to apply to not only my clients but to myself personally. Topics ranging from protocols to improve body composition, strength and athletic performance, structural balance and injury rehabilitation to fundamental principles of kinesiology, tri-genics and active release. In addition and in my opinion more importantly, Tom has always allowed me to pick his brain on any other subject matter of my choosing which may not have been directly on the agenda. This has included at times business development advice, issues relating to my self-confidence and self-esteem, supplementation and my rehabilitation of my own injuries.

Tom runs a tight ship but is great fun to be around and has always made me feel very comfortable when I’m there. He & his team all definitely walk the walk when it comes to both their own learning and development as trainers and also their own personal training and athletic achievements with countless national titles between them. They’ve either got their noses in books or moving something very heavy which is both impressive and somewhat humbling. It is very easy to become complacent when you’ve been in the same profession for a long time which is why it is so important to mix with and keep in the company of those who you can learn from and be inspired by, and I guarantee you will find that at Tom’s Facility.

Every time I leave Southampton I feel excited and enthusiastic about still being a personal trainer. I walk away and look forward to taking the new information, ideas, protocols I have learned and applying them directly into improving my own business. Regardless of whether you are just starting in the industry, or have been in the game a while, I guarantee you WILL not only learn ALOT from Tom but you will have a fantastic time doing it.

See you all soon

Mark Alcock


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