Winning Performance Mentorships

The single best investment you could make in yourself for 2019.

All of these options offer you the chance to pick the brain of Tom Hibbert privately to receive the latest in up to date knowledge, specific to the questions you want answered.

Tom has, and still does, utilise this technique himself with many experts and finds this is the quickest way to help you get what you want!

Platinum Mentorship

  • Weekly Consults: Mind Set Enhancement, Business strategies, client specific support
  • Access to all Seminars & Training Camps Included
  • Limited Availability: Tom only has space for 10 x students at any one time

Private Internships

  • 1-4 days at Tom’s Private State of the Art Facility
  • Tailor made to your request
  • Discounted if 2+ Attendees


  • 30 or 60 minute Consults: Business strategies, client specific support, anything that comes up!
  • Bulk purchase available: 5 x 60 minute Consults
  • In person, Skype or Phone