Ministry of Funny Walks: Sled Drags

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I have had an indoor Astro-Turf track at my Gym in Southampton since 2009 so I have been able to take advantage of Sled Drags for quite some time now.

They have a huge application which I cover in my seminars and give to my clients. From Rehabilitation to improving Work Capacity to Sports Performance Transfer, the list is endless.

Here are just a few variations:

Sled Drag (Harness, Power Walk): Great for hamstrings & glutes. Ensure you land with your heel and really pull it into the ground to propel yourself forward.

Sled Drag (Harness, Bent Over): Also great for hamstrings. Ensure you maintain an arched back and minimise knee bend by dragging your heel as you take pigeon steps forward.

Sled Drag (Straps, Lateral, Upright): This one is great for the adductors & sports where a change of direction is needed.

Sled Drag (Straps, Petersen): As the name suggests this move is an adaptation on the Petersen Step Up which is great for developing the Vastus Medialis. Use for knee stability & ensure push comes through the ball of the foot.

Sled Drag (Straps on Feet, Backward): Another option for hamstrings. Great once you get into a rhythm with it!

Sled Drag (Straps on Feet, Forward): Ideal to hit the hip flexors & abdominals.

Sled Drag (Straps, Lateral, Bent Over): Also great for change of direction with more of the tension going to the posterior fibres of the adductors.

Sled Pull Through (Arched): Posterior chain development

Sled Pull Through (Harness, Bent Over): Also a posterior chain exercise which will fire up all of your erector spinae. A great introduction to Rounded Back work due to the concentric only nature of the movement.

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