Mood, Focus & Memory Boosting Drink

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  • Shown to improve mood within 2 hours
  • Improves cognitive function & blood flow to the brain
  • Removes amyloid beta plaque & mitigates neurodegeneration
  • Choose organic due to being placed on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of most heavily sprayed foods (EWG: up to 42 different pesticides & 73% contain 2+)

Brain Restore (NutriDyn)

  • Support production of neurotransmitters
  • Enhances mood & blood flow to the brain
  • Improved learning capacity
  • Cocktail of specific nutrients aimed at enhancing and healing the brain

Dynamic Fruits and Greens (NutriDyn)

  • Brain is where most oxidative stress in the body occurs
  • Mega dose of antioxidants and nutrients including:
    • Grapeseed: neuroprotective
    • L. Casei: increases serotonin levels

Fantastic as a snack mid afternoon to ensure high performance for the rest of the day.

NutriDyn once again coming through with some very high quality products

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