Quick Tip: Fibre Drink for Fat Loss

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Snapshot of Takeaways

  • Research shows increasing your fibre intake reduces total calorie intake for the remainder of the day
  • Evidence points to delaying glucose uptake into tissues allowing a more gradual insulin response
  • Detoxification is enhanced by improving elimination as the fibre helps drag the toxins out via the stool.

Make & Consume a Fibre Drink first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. Place it before the Citrus Fruit & Salt drink.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer studies, empirical evidence or functional medicine…this method is proven effective by all!

Key: purchase 2 x types of fibre. Fibre 1 contains NONE of the same ingredients as Fibre 2 and rotate weekly. My preferred are:

*Pectasol is proven to remove more heavy metals than any other fibre which has huge health & body composition benefits

Article written by: Tom Hibbert

Published on: 3/1/2019

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