Quick Tip: Prone Curl Holding Straps

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Snapshot of Takeaways

  • New stimulus/exercise provides new growth
  • Build the Brachialis to grow your Biceps peak
  • Control the concentric for mind muscle connection

Check out this variation of a Prone/Spider Curl. This angle drastically changes the strength curve thus making the top portion of movement more difficult. By holding the straps you also can’t perform the concentric explosively or too quickly. A controlled concentric movement allows for an improved mind muscle connection.

Holding straps offers a different stimulus for your grip/forearms to adapt to. The grip would be semi-supinated and thus put more tension on the brachialis as opposed to the biceps brachii. This muscle sits below the biceps. Developing this muscle will ensure the biceps is raised, giving you the ever sought after biceps peak.

Add in a pause at the top of the movement where you flex/squeeze as hard as possible. Don’t just hold it there as actively squeezing and even visualising your biceps peak, will enhance the training effect.

Article written by: Tom Hibbert

Published on: 9/1/2019

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