Peter and Tom have been working together since 2016 and what they have found is that they share many of the same values and qualities. This is partly due to them sharing a meticulous/autistic nature which has led to the developing of many systems. Add to this a crude sense of humour and the ability to not take life too seriously and you’ve got the perfect balance!

The blend of two experts within synergistic fields (rehab & strength) lead to improved results with their respective clientele. Tom was able to get himself and his client’s stronger whilst Peter was able to rehabilitate his client’s quicker.

The ‘Rehab meets World Record Strength’ qualification is the product of years of experience and success. Peter and Tom’s goal is to provide you with the principles required to achieve enhanced outcomes with your clients.

Rehab meets World Record Strength | Levels 1-4

Level 1 Training the untrained general population

  • Winning Warm Up
  • Upper Body Module | Training Progressions & Technique
  • Lower Body Module | Training Progressions & Technique
  • Preparatory work for long term health | Peter’s Prehab hacks
  • Program Design | Fundamental parameters to manipulate

Level 2 Training the trained general population

  • Upper body module | Functional anatomy
  • Lower body module | Functional anatomy
  • The Big 3 | Squats, Deadlifts, Log
  • Olympic weightlifting level mobility | Peter’s Hypervolt hacks
  • Program Design | Periodisation models for body composition
  • Lifestyle considerations | Nutrition, sleep etc.

Level 3 Athletic Performance Enhancement

  • Isometric Training | Execution
  • Eccentric Training | Execution
  • Indicator Lifts
  • Strength Qualities and their enhancement
  • Program Design | Periodisation models for inhuman strength

Level 4 Specialist Series

  • Specialist Seminars
  • Specific Areas of Expertise

Qualification Criteria

Peter and Tom both hold the belief that a trainer should practice what they preach. They don’t have expectations that all trainer’s must be muscle bound World Record holders but that by doing, you greatly enhance your understanding. This is an integral part of your learning. No amount of reading and theory can substitute actual effort in the gym.

By putting yourself through the required tasks your experience enhances the coaching of your clients. You’ll notice that the criteria are not based on set standards like achieving a double body weight deadlift. We don’t want to reward talent; we want to reward work ethic. If you can achieve certain tasks without any effort, it’s pointless.

Certain tasks will require Peter & Tom to set you the target to achieve after initial assessments. Your task must also be recoverable. Peter & Tom will want to see how you achieved the result. Then after review you will be told whether the task has been completed.

Level 1 & 2 consists of criteria for your own training. Level 3 & 4 consists of criteria for the results of your clients. [Please contact us for detailed list of the tasks]

Dates & Locations | Levels 1-4

Level 1 Upper Body Module

Level 1 Lower Body Module

Level 2 Upper Body Module

  • 3 x Days, TBC, 2020
  • Klub Der Sportfreunde

Level 2 Lower Body Module

  • 3 x Days, TBC, 2020
  • Klub Der Sportfreunde