Sled Conditioning Workout (Lower Body)

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Sleds & Modified Strongman Training is a great alternative way to train and is becoming ever popular. For many of the movements the eccentric portion is either minimised or removed completely. This offers the option of using it as an active recovery session.

For example if your client hasn’t quite recovered from their initial lower body session and are still sore, maybe further breaking down the muscle tissue won’t yield the necessary protein synthesis required for optimal progress. Using sled work also promotes blood flow to the muscles, which then carries nutrients and further improves recovery.

This Sled Conditioning Workout went like this:

  • A) Barbell Back Squat (High Bar, Oly Depth, No Lockout): 3 sets of 15 reps, 4010, 120s rest
  • B1) Prowler Walk (Straight Arms, Knee Drive, on Toes): 3 sets of 20m, 30-60s rest
  • B2) Bent Over Drag: 3 sets of 20m, 30-60s rest
  • C1) Backwards Prowler Drag (Sit in Squat Position): 3 sets of 10m, 30-60s rest
  • C2) Lateral Sled Drag: 3 sets of 20m each, 30-60s rest
  • D1) Backwards Drag (Petersen Style is Optimal): 3 sets of 20m, 30-60s rest
  • D2) Power Walk (Straps): 3 sets of 40m, 30-60s rest

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