Strength Workshop | Andy Bolton | February 23rd, 2020 (10am-5pm)

We are bringing him back! Andy Bolton is returning to Southampton to teach his world famous strength workshop.

Andy called me the other day to say he's fit & well again and all he wants to do is help others! He has huge passion for this and it comes it in the quality he delivers at his workshops.

Not all athlete's are great coaches, but Andy is world class in both lifting and coaching others. From technique tips and cues to mind set. He is a plethora of knowledge and I always gain hugely when I get to talk shop with him.

Andy has promised to cover:

- The 3 Powerlifts (Squat-Bench-Deadlift)
- Assistance work
- Program design & periodisation
- Sticking points
- Core activation
- & anything else. He means this, you can ask anything!

In addition Andy is offering to all attendees
- Signed training DVD
- Deadlift Dynamite E-Book

Success Leaves Clues & Andy has had so much success!

This is your opportunity to learn from the best. Whether you are a competitive Powerlifter (Equipped or Raw), Strongman or General Population you can learn, and be inspired, by this great Man & Athlete!

Andy's Lifts & Achievements
- Strongest British and European Powerlifter ever
- 7 times WPC World Champion
- 2 time WPO Champion
- WPO Runner-up once
- British Powerlifting Champion 15 times
- 7th Place at The Arnold Classic Strongman
- 1 of only 13 men to Deadlift over 410kg/900lbs in a Powerlifting competition
- 33 competition Deadlifts over 410kg/900lbs
- First man to ever Deadlift over 1000lbs (Guinness World Record)
- 2 competition Deadlifts over 1000lbs (1003lbs and 1008lbs)
- 1 of only 5 men to Squat over 545kg/1200lbs
- 4th highest Squat of all time (550.5kg/1213.6lbs)
- 3rd highest Total of all time (2806lbs/1273kg)
Investment Options
Christmas Special: £79 (Available until 31/12/19)
Regular: £119