Strongman/woman Workshop | Tom Hibbert

If you compete in the sport of Strongman/strongwoman then here you have valuable content to help improve your performances.

Tom has competed to the highest level as a competitor and also trained many champions. A much sought after coach and consultant who provides you with all the content needed to enhance your competitive edge.

Content covered includes:

- The Big 3 | Deadlift, Squat & Log Press: Learn cues & understand how best to perform these lifts to enhance competition performance
- Event Specific Technique: Learn which techniques are best for each event to give you the competitive edge
- Acu Points for Instant Strength Gains:  watch Tom apply these in the videos and see the instant and astonishing results!
- Program Design & Periodisation Models: The biggest mistakes athlete's make are within their structure here. Tom gives you how to structure everything!
- All slides used in the Workshop

"I have consulted with Tom in the past, he has an incredibly wide and deep breadth of knowledge when it comes to training & competing for strongman. You will not regret the opportunity to learn from him."

Matjaz Belsak
(World’s Strongest Man Finalist in 2016 & 2018, 200kg Log in competition)

"Tom is one of the only people whom if he says jump, I’d say how high. He’s a genius at what he does and has worked with the best of the best. He has logged 166kg in training as an u90kg competitor so has proven his method on himself. I also used methods I learnt from Tom when I hit my best log which was 170kg as an u90kg competitor"
Shane Jerman

"Tom is technically amazing, and no stone goes unturned in training. Competing-wise, I love it when he’s not in one of my competitions! I wouldn’t have achieved my main goals if he wasn’t my main competition. I have to be at my very best to beat him and sometimes even that wasn’t enough. He’s the best competitor I’ve ever faced!"
Rob Ward
(World’s Strongest Man u90kg 2017, 166kg Log PB as an u90kg competitor)