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Most guys will think they know enough to get by in strength sports. I, myself had already had success in powerlifting and strongman personally on a national and international level. I also work as an S&C coach training international athletes and teams. But I’m quite happy to admit my levels of knowledge do not cover everything I need to be as good as I want to be…. And I want to be better!

I’ve worked alongside Tom for a few years now, and continued success is pretty satisfying. The staff down there are knowledgeable, and for every problem in your training you’ll find a solution there.

From my own personal experience:

1) A shoulder problem that would have had me drop out of comp, was fixed in one session. This allowed me to take a WPF world title.

2) Custom made pre workout stack that is better than anything I’d ever tried. This helped me on route to a SCL victory.

3) Completely revised supplement protocol due to a deficiency I wouldn’t have discovered by myself, which took me from being constantly fatigued to enabling me to train as I wish. This also put 10kg on my overhead in a week.

It’s worth a go…
Arram Eghoyan (World Powerlifting Champion & World Record Holder)
Tom Hibbert has been invaluable to the development of my Personal Training Business, Elite-Bodyworks and has personally been a great mentor over the past few years. He has helped to develop my company into a leader in our area and has also assisted in taking me from a fairly average Personal Trainer to an athlete competing on an International Stage.

My programme design with clients and athletes is far more specific, I have multiple tools in which I use to assess and then devise a suitable plan and this is largely down to the work I’ve done with Tom with regards to Online Personal Training in readying me for my competitions over the past couple of years.

I’ve done on average 2-4 seminars per year over the past 5 years and I’d say Tom is right up there with one of the best Coaches I’ve learnt from, purely because his information is instantly useable and applies directly to my training demographic.
James Smith (Elite-Bodyworks)
"I have consulted with Tom in the past, he has an incredibly wide and deep breadth of knowledge when it comes to training & competing for strongman. You will not regret the opportunity to learn from him."
Matjaz Belsak
(World’s Strongest Man Finalist in 2016 & 2018, 200kg Log in competition)
"Tom is technically amazing, and no stone goes unturned in training. Competing-wise, I love it when he’s not in one of my competitions! I wouldn’t have achieved my main goals if he wasn’t my main competition. I have to be at my very best to beat him and sometimes even that wasn’t enough. He’s the best competitor I’ve ever faced!"
Rob Ward
(World’s Strongest Man u90kg 2017, 166kg Log PB as an u90kg competitor)
"I worked with Tom after an injury both remotely and travelling down once a week to his world class facility, Winning Health Solutions. If you want consistent results over both the short and long term, he is your go to man."
James Ward
(Former World Record Log Holder at u90kg with 165kg, undefeated u90kg Strongman)
"Tom’s success in strength athletics isn’t just the result of hard work and natural ability but is a combination of the two with years of knowledge and attention to detail that have enabled him to focus his drive into success"
Dave Meer
(Former British Log Record Holder at 185kg)
"I have worked with Tom over many years. His guidance and coaching was key to my achieving the World Record 350kg Deadlift at u90kg. British Log Record at u80kg & Junior Powerlifting British Records. The more people in strongman who can learn from Tom, the higher the bar will be in the sport for elite performance."
Darryn Wright
"Tom is one of the only people whom if he says jump, I’d say how high. He’s a genius at what he does and has worked with the best of the best. He has logged 166kg in training as an u90kg competitor so has proven his method on himself. I also used methods I learnt from Tom when I hit my best log which was 170kg as an u90kg competitor"
Shane Jerman

Last year I was at a dead-end with my business. I had built a successful personal training business and basically I couldn’t see where I needed to focus my effort to continue that building process. In the end I reverted to the old “speak to someone who has done what you want to do” idea so I decided I would speak with Tom.

One hour later my mindset had shifted from – there’s nothing more to do to there’s not enough time in the day to get all these things done!

Our conversation that day was motivational, realistic, practical, statistical and analytical and just what I needed to re focus an re motivate myself. We as a business have had our best year to date!

I wont go into specifics about exactly what we spoke about but I have to say I would advise anybody in the same situation to hire Tom as a business consultant as I have and will continue to do.
Conor McDonald (CM Fitness, Ireland)