The Winning Start Up

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Snapshot of Takeaways

  • Build & recruit new brain circuits to achieve your goals
  • This 10-15 minute practice increases your vibration for the whole day
  • Growth comes about from a belief change and habit upgrade


The Winning Start Up is the only way to start your day. Not only are we setting your thought patterns up for the day ahead, we are removing negativity, increasing positivity and attracting your ideal life circumstances.

It must be done first

You need to complete this before anything else in the morning. Especially if your current habit is to immediately check your phone after waking. Looking at your phone will activate your current thought patterns and could even enable your fight or slight response. Not the ideal setting to create new, enhanced pathways and thought patterns. Neuroplastic changes occur more readily with conscious attention.

The brain isn’t as ‘noisy’ when you wake from a good night’s sleep. This is because overnight your body activates the glymphatic system. This a detoxification process whereby you also prune unwanted connections or pathways in your brain. The process involves the same process below whereby cerebrospinal fluid flushes the brain.

REM sleep also clears brain of unwanted emotions so you wake with a clearer mind. This is because sleep de-potentiates your amygdala, which is responsible for activating your fight or flight response. The body, upon waking, is also in a state of parasympathetic dominance.

Change only happens when your nervous system is in this calm state, when your habitual reflexes are disarmed.

Part 1: 10 x Braced Breaths

This system of breathing increases alpha brain waves which are the gateway to the subconscious and optimal for brain re-wiring. Increases in these waves are a sign that you are analysing your inner world which we are certainly going to do.


Your sacrum and cranial sutures move according to inhalation or exhalation. The pressure caused by these tiny movements forces cerebrospinal fluid north via the spinal chord, and into the brain. This is referred to as the cranial-sacral primary respiratory system.

Increased bracing of the core musculature mentioned, will further increase pressure and improve the fluid movement up through the spine.

What does the cerebrospinal fluid do?

  • Provides cushioning for shock absorption
  • Provides nutrients to the nervous system and brain
  • Detoxifies the brain by carrying away waste products

During the breath hold visualise energy moving from sacrum up the spine and into your brain. Once you have mastered this breathing technique, which simply comes with time, you will also increase pineal gland and gamma brain wave activity. Both of these are linked to higher levels of intuition.


  • Placing hand on heart to activate parasympathetic nervous system
  • Inhale via your nose
  • Hold the breath at the top for 1-5 seconds
  • Brace your core (Upper & Lower Abdominals) and perineum
  • Exhale via your nose

[Credit: Joe Dispenza where I first stumbled across this breathing technique]

Part 2: Gratitude

The second step is to start visualising. What I want you to start thinking of is things you are grateful for. In the scientific literature, gratitude has been shown to have the largest correlation with wellbeing than any other character trait.

An attitude of gratitude increases positivity, improves sleep and even enhances your immune system. More recently, the HeartMath Institute has shown gratitude to improve Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Improving your HRV score will also improve brain-heart coherence. This then enhances the electromagnetic response of the body. This is law of attraction in motion.

A key concept to remember throughout the Winning Start Up is to really the feel the moment. Think of the emotions you will feel. The intensity of these emotions. Visualising is the start, feeling the visualisation is where the magic happens.

Part 3: Forgiveness

The third part is to visualise forgiving. Now this can be forgiving other people or yourself. Holding on to ill feelings against others, or yourself, only hurts you. Shame, guilt and resentment increase low vibrations which deplete your energy and positivity.

You must let go of resentment and the desire to punish yourself or others. Doing this will improve your intuition and more recently there is research on forgiveness improving lower back & chronic pain, and vertical jump performance!

The obvious area to analyse is forgiving others. The not so obvious to consider what you need to forgive yourself for. If you beat yourself up or have feelings of not being good enough, then you are someone who will benefit from analysing what you should forgive yourself for.

Here’s a personal example: My mother passed away after a long battle with cancer in December ’17. Although I did as much as I could, and was even responsible for extending her lifespan, I didn’t see it. I didn’t believe I did enough. I was told what I did by others but never listened to it. My thoughts were, ‘She died, I failed.’

It wasn’t until I forgave myself that I started to feel happy for her and noticed a tremendous upturn in my mood, relationships and even business performance.

‘Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong’ (Ghandi)

Here are some tips to improve this process:

  • Have empathy for the person involved. Show understanding for what happened.
  • Re-frame the story or create alternative reality. It doesn’t have to be true but your brain needs to understand it.
  • Visualise hugging those you want to forgive as it lights up the same centres in the brain as if you were actually hugging them.

Remember, forgiving the person doesn’t mean you’re going to be friends with them. It cuts the negative attachment so you are free to think clearly.

Part 4 & 5: Visualise your day & dream

Lastly we are going to visualise your day ahead and finally your ultimate dreams. Since we have enhanced Brain-Heart coherence and thus law of attraction as mentioned, this is the perfect time to think about exactly what you want your life to look like.

Even if you don’t buy into the physics of law of attraction, why would you argue against focusing on exactly what you want to achieve that day or in your life?

I want you to embrace and embody the emotions connected to achieving your goals/dreams. I want you to fall in love with the visualisations. Focus on how you will feel when you’ve achieved the goal/dream. Obsess about the great things that you will make happen…then take action! The universe needs to understand your intention.

‘When you are clear on what you want, the universe stands on tiptoe waiting to assist you’ (Constance Arnold)


When first starting out with this daily habit, I recommend focusing on the happenings of previous day. What happened yesterday that you were grateful for? What happened yesterday that you can forgive yourself or others for?

What this allows is development of the habit first. It also means nothing more will build up. We can tick off small things as they happen, then work on historic/bigger/deeper areas at a later date. Ease yourself into it.

Another underlying benefit not mentioned is that during the process you will experience a chemical/neurotransmitter release. The increase in positive plasticity also increases neurotransmitter volume. This equates to an epigenetic change which means this practice will restore your body and mind simultaneously. This is how I am able to alter a client’s health with my consultation process.

The point of the Winning Start Up is to get good at being happy. The brain performs at its best when it is positive and optimistic. Left to itself it simply repeats the same stories. We must build circuitry that hasn’t developed fully as of yet. Having a thought once has no power. It must be repeated. Do this for 30 days straight and I guarantee you’ll see a return on your 10-15 minute time investment.

The Winning Start Up
  • Step 1: 10 x Braced Breaths
  • Step 2: Visualise Gratitude
  • Step 3: Visualise Forgiveness
  • Step 4: Visualise your day ahead
  • Step 5: Visualise your dreams
  • Total Time: 10-15 minutes

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[Credit: Vishen Lakhiani who’s thoughts inspired the Winning Start Up]

Article written by: Tom Hibbert

Published on: 8/1/2019

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