Why using Zinc Pre-Workout is Beneficial

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I visited New York recently for a break but as always this doesn’t mean a break from physical activity! Usually I would do something other than train, like whoop my wife at Badminton, but due to competition prep for both of us we found a local gym.

Travelling light meant I didn’t bring with me my full range of pre-workout/nootropic supplements. I packed Javastim (Poliquin Group) as this is very much a bang for your buck as are Brain Power Sours (Designs for Health). I randomly, or maybe intuitively, added in Zinc Picolinate (Thorne Research) and holy shit, I was flying! It was like the feeling I get on my ‘Invincible Stack’ as they have become known.

Benefits of Zinc

It makes sense though when you consider the actions Zinc can have:

  • Improve signalling between & within neurons
  • Increased Dopamine production which increases motivation & drive
  • Required for neurotransmitter synthesis
  • Zinc deficiency is associated with poor memory & focus
  • Improves cerebral blood flow & supports blood-brain barrier
  • Provides energy in the mitochondria in your brain cells
  • Increased BDNF which improves Mood & Cognition

As an adjunct Zinc is also involved in protein synthesis so you can xXtqwj9f_400x400utilise the amino acids for repairing muscle tissue so you can consider it an important part of the anabolic process. We also see many Zinc deficient clients due to environmental toxins we can’t escape. This means your Zinc is used for detoxification purposes as opposed to supporting your testosterone levels.

The best part of it is Zinc is very cost effective and as you can see the return on investment is huge.

Give it a go Pre-Workout and let me know how you get on!

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