Yin Protocols for Improved Results

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Many are aware of the fight or flight response, also known as sympathetic system dominance, but it is important to also promote the parasympathetic system, which is also referred to as the rest & digest system.

If you think about how much brain capacity is given to the rest & digest at 90%, as well as the fact that two thirds of the brain stem controls this system, then you start to understand that more effort & focus on improving this system is to achieving your health, performance & body composition goals.

If your sympathetic system is always switched on, then your recovery & digestion (and many more systems) will be impaired which will impact your results. Utilise the below protocols, adding in 1 a week, to enable you to switch into parasympathetic dominance.

10 Options

bigstock-Relaxing-Salt-Lamp-3179563-837x5601) Meditate in the evening to reduce Cortisol levels &/or use breathing methods to quieten your HPA axis.

2) Complete a Grateful Log to switch your brain’s frequency to positivity & gratitude and enable a deeper sleep.

3) Stretch before going Bed to enhance flexibility, calm the CNS & reduce cortisol levels.

4) Take Magnesium Threonate to promote GABA levels in the brain to relax your CNS, enable deeper sleep and ensure you switch off from the day.

5) Zero looking at screens 30-180 minutes (Build up) before bed to avoid blue light and therefore disruption of melatonin secretion which is important for sleep.

6) Purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp to reduce electromagnetic radiation & remove allergens and pollution from the air.

7) Eat away from distractions like TV or Mobile phones. Meal time should be associated with zero stressors.

8) Take Digestive Enzymes & Glutamine to ensure proper absorption & assimilation of all of your nutrients. Both can contribute to gut health which is important for not just digestion, but your brain also.Words-Create-Reality-In-One-Moment-Your-Life-Change

9) Take an Epsom salt bath to promote relaxation and up your Mg intake. As a bonus add in drops of essential oils which can promote a deeper relaxation or enhanced detoxification.

10) Sky Gazing is an alternative to meditating with the same result. It can be used for 15 minutes in the morning

  • Follow your breathing, observe your thoughts/feelings/mood
  • As you inhale note you are the observer, exhale get lost in thought
  • Worries of the mind disappear/dissolve and you witness every feeling/object with a smile on your face


Everyone wants to be a beast & work hard or be seen to be killing it in the gym, but results happen from recovery. There must be a balance between your Yin & Yang. Neglecting this side of the process will lead to plateaus or reduced results.

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